Marc Cavaliero

Cavaliero & Associates

4 Quai Gustave-Ador
1207, Geneva, Switzerland


Peers and clients say:

“Marc knows the priorities of my organisation and is able to balance legal expertise with practical advice”
“He is a true expert in the field of sports law”
“He has a wealth of knowledge on CAS matters”


Marc Cavaliero is a Swiss-trained attorney-at-law and founding partner at Cavaliero and Associates, a Swiss boutique law firm specialising in sports, media and entertainment law.

Before founding Cavaliero and Associates, Marc was a founding partner at Kleiner & Cavaliero. Previously, Marc worked within the legal affairs division of FIFA for almost 10 years as head of the disciplinary department and previously as senior group leader within the players’ status department.

Marc is a member of the UCI Ethics Committee. Marc is appointed as Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer within the Aquatics Integrity Unit of World Aquatics.

Which came first: an interest in law or an interest in sport?

As much as I am interested in law, interest in sport came during childhood. My interest in law occurred only after at a more mature age (as long as one considers that a 19 year old is mature…). What is clear was that combining sport and law could only be a magical recipe.

What did you find most challenging about entering the sports industry?

I entered this industry in 2008/2009, a world ago. There was not as much competition as there is now. Furthermore I was extremely lucky to have been supported by eminent individuals, who had already played an important role in shaping the sports law world. These people will recognise themselves and I will be eternally grateful to them.

That said, alike in sport, it is more difficult to last and be recognised by his/her peers than to simply enter the industry.

How have client demands and priorities changed since you first began practising?

I spent my first 10 years in this industry within the FIFA Legal Affairs Division in various roles. In that capacity, I could already observe that the expectations from the stakeholders or external counsel grew exponentially. This is only normal and it helped FIFA get better and implement strong governance. I returned to private practice five years ago. Demands and priorities have not dramatically changed (although the global pandemic was painful for everyone of us). The responsibility and the expectations towards the external counsel was and remains very high. And I understand that.

What has been the most significant development in sports law since you started practising?

We are extremely lucky to evolve in the sports law world, as it constantly changes, improves and brings new challenges and features. This is the best part of sports law. If I had to name one, I would refer to the reform processes undertaken by numerous federations to implement strong good-governance principles, reduce the potential conflict of interests and the creation of independent judicial bodies with significant resources.

What professional challenges are you expecting to encounter over the next few years, and how do you expect to navigate them?

A fast-moving world requires every individual to remain curious. Even more importantly, one shall always question oneself and avoid being too comfortable. So, as a first step to face challenges of whatever kind, I will continue to be open-minded and listen to others’ ideas and opinions to remain “on top of the ball” and go on with my professional and personal development.

You have enjoyed a distinguished career so far – what else would you like to achieve?

I am not someone who looks into the rear-view mirror or is simply satisfied by the achievements that have occurred in the past. I do not necessarily want to achieve something different or new. Nevertheless, I would like to ensure that the firm and its individuals be recognised for its work, its efforts and its integrity. In other words, it is important for me that we continue to be seen as strong individuals, who take the lawyer’s oath with seriousness and are simultaneously responsive, positive, transparent, trustworthy and amenable.