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WWL says:

Frank DiGiacomo is revered among sources for his top-tier gaming practice, which spans domestic sports betting, lottery, and gaming regulations.


Frank DiGiacomo is team lead of the firm's gaming industry group. Mr. DiGiacomo practices in the areas of gaming, sports betting, iGaming, lottery, fantasy sports, entertainment, sports and regulatory law representing many public and private companies both within the gaming/sports betting industry and which conduct business with both.

Mr. DiGiacomo has significant experience representing public and privately held casino operators, sports wagering and iGaming operators, sports media companies and gaming/sports wagering technology providers engaged in various aspects of iGaming, skills-based gaming and social gaming.

How did you start in sports and gaming law?

I have been working with clients in the casino gaming and gaming technology space since the 1990s in New Jersey. As additional states in the U.S. legalised gambling my practice expanded jurisdictionally representing both operators, manufacturers and technology companies in the space. Following the Supreme Court of the US’s ruling in 2018 my practice expanded into the sports betting and internet gaming area.

What are the qualities of a successful gaming lawyer?

Being able to advise both gaming and non-gaming clients on how to effectively grow and be successful in the gaming/sports betting space while navigating the regulatory and licensing obligations. Particularly advising non-gaming clients on how to navigate and be successful in a regulated space.

With iGaming becoming bigger and more popular, what challenges do you anticipate for lawyers in the field?

As the number of jurisdictions grow in the US gaming lawyers need to propose and execute strategies that navigate the varying jurisdictions’ regulatory requirements while providing practical, creative advice to allow their clients to be innovative within the industry.

What makes Duane Morris stand out from its competitors in the market?

We have an experienced team of lawyers with decades of experience in the area. We bring a unique combination of lawyers with regulatory, transactional, IP, tax, AML and data protection experience in gaming/sports betting industry related transactions.