Professional Notice

About E3PS 

E3PS is a boutique consultancy whose experts have provided project advisory, construction claims analyses and expert witness services for some of the world’s most complex, high-value and high-profile projects. Our experts offer highly specialized services with a focus on achieving excellence in helping client organisations, designers, developers and contractors to prevent, manage, and resolve disputes. 

Our team comprises chartered engineers with extensive experience in large and technical projects with our experts covering a wide range of disciplines, including delay, quantum, MEP and structural engineering, architecture and BIM modelling. 

E3PS offers an unmatched breadth and depth of expertise in forensic analysis in a wide range of sectors in the engineering and construction industry, from transport and infrastructure to buildings and bespoke structures, and from oil & gas to power generation, renewables and manufacturing plants.

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Expert Witness Services 

E3PS's experts provide forensic expert advice on disputes related to planning and programming, quantum and technical matters in projects that have suffered from poor design or workmanship, changes and variations, and delays and disruption during their lifecycle. Our experts are specialists in providing credible analyses, implementing the most appropriate approach and methodologies.  

Construction and engineering firms and client organisations alike, their legal counsel and arbitral tribunals require reliable and clear advice when dealing with disputes in complex engineering projects.  Our specialists are highly regarded independent experts trusted by parties, legal counsel, courts and tribunals to address the most significant and complex disputes within the construction industry. Our experts engage with the matters in dispute with objectivity, considering the relevant facts and providing detailed and soundly reasoned and evidenced analyses in their written expert reports. 

Claims Consulting 

Our claims and dispute resolution specialists have unrivalled knowledge and experience in reviewing construction contracts and preparing and defending claims for variations, extensions of time, prolongation and disruption.  Our experts are highly experienced in investigating and analysing the cause-and-effect relationship between events and circumstances that have occurred during the course of construction works (cause) and the resultant impact to the agreed methods, quantities and sequence of works, and consequently to the project’s price and duration (effect).   

E3PS's experts' skills and experience are invaluable in analysing and assessing contractual entitlement and causation whether pursuing or defending construction claims. Our experts are specialists in undertaking credible investigations, implementing the most appropriate methods of analyses. 

Contract Management 

Our commercial managers and contract specialists are highly experienced in reviewing construction contracts and establishing effective contract administration procedures and mechanisms to avoid disputes arising at any stage of the project life cycle. Our specialists are technically and legally qualified professionals whose experience covers bespoke and standard forms of contract used in the procurement of projects internationally. 

Early identification of problems during the course of the works is key to dispute avoidance. By combining engineering knowledge and planning skills with an in depth understanding of contracts, our experts add value to our clients for their ability to anticipate and understand challenges, and for supporting them to mitigate and resolve them successfully, avoiding costly disputes. 

Project Advisory  

E3PS helps clients manage risk and eliminate uncertainty delivering excellence in successful projects. Our team's specialist dispute resolution experience across all sectors and phases of a project's lifecycle actively supports our clients to navigate through common pitfalls.  

Our team draws on global experience and its unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise in forensic analysis to manage risk to ensure programmes and projects are completed effectively and efficiently.  Setting effective controls in place is essential to ensure that risks are recognised early and managed properly.

We actively assist our clients in: 

Claims preparation and defence, contract administration, negotiations support, planning and scheduling, project controls and executive reporting, project controls process improvement, project controls implementation and management, programme and progress management, and project monitoring.