Professional Notice

AMOG is an established world leader in delivering optimal solutions and high-end advice to a broad range of complex engineering problems.

Our expertise is employed across a number of industries including offshore energy, Defence, Mining, Transport, Renewable Energy & Civil Maritime industries. We combine the expertise of qualified, practiced and forward-thinking engineers with the power of our international network.

We solve complex, challenging engineering problems by intimately understanding the breadth and depth of each issue; applying science and technology, combined with clever thinking, to conduct leading edge modelling, simulation and testing. We deliver our industry-leading scientific and engineering know-how to projects of any scale, assisting our clients to operate more profitably, effectively and safely.

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The AMOG team of consulting engineers, project managers and technicians has been solving big problems for over 30 years.

From our early days as the Australian Marine and Offshore Group in Melbourne, Australia, we have grown into a global network, evolving our capability and resources to meet increasing demand from a range of industries, governments and enterprises.

Our reputation is well-earned – thriving in extreme environments, thinking holistically, working smarter and generating change.

From the beginning, our approach was to own problems and deliver leading solutions. It still is.

Today, AMOG is predominantly based in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Perth

and Adelaide. Our American headquarters in is Houston, Texas, and we have offices in Bogota, Colombia, and in the UK (London).


Our vision is to engineer innovative solutions to complex technical challenges.


Our mission is to intimately understand the engineering challenges faced by our clients and provide innovative, technically robust solutions that best meet their needs.


  • Teamwork - Working collaboratively with respect and equality. Honouring our responsibilities and commitment to our colleagues, our clients, and our profession.

  • Professionalism - The quality of our service delivery defines us. We Pride ourselves on our professional courtesy, conduct, and presentation.

  • Honesty and Integrity - Personal and corporate integrity underpin our professional reputation. We provide honest advice delivered with respect.

  • Technical Excellence - Attention to detail and engineering rigour will always take precedence over commercial expediency.

  • Embracing the Challenge - Applying our deep skills and knowledge in scientific and engineering principles in innovative ways to produce the best possible solution within the available cost and time constraints.

We strive to produce the best, most cutting edge work of its kind and strive to nurture this work ethic in an environment where people enjoy their work.