Jonathan Midgley

Haldanes Solicitors and Notaries

7th Floor, Ruttonjee House, 11 Duddell Street
Central, Hong Kong

WWL says:

Jonathan Midgley is distinguished by his “eagle eye in discovering critical issues” in commercial transactions and regulatory investigations.


Jonathan Midgley has practised as a criminal defence lawyer since his arrival in Hong Kong in 1978. He was one of the two solicitors appointed as “Solicitor Advocate” in 2013 to the criminal division. Jonathan’s practice, which covers all aspects of defending people, is Hong Kong based but international in scope. He still enthusiastically enjoys defending clients in trouble.

What do you enjoy most working as a criminal defence specialist?

The sense of feeling you can help a person in trouble.

To what extent are the ramifications of covid-19 still affecting investigations?

Either criminals have retired or covid-19 is interfering in detection and arrests.

What are some key processes you would undertake when it comes to dealing with cases under intense media attention?

Know the case before you have any interaction. Have a clear vision of how (if at all) you wish to interact with the press. Be ready for questions which may require difficult answers, and may end up on television.

How do you seek to minimise the impact of criminal investigations in the lives of clients?

By making sure the clients (and often their family) have access to a good psychologist.

What recent regulatory developments have had the most impact on your clients? How have you adapted your practice accordingly?

The National Security Law (NSL) has had an impact on some clients, either real or perceived. We have a criminal defence practice that understands the legislation and can give immediate practical advice.

How important is it for criminal defence lawyers to have the advocate experience?

Without being too self-serving (I hope!) very. As a solicitor-advocate I have impressed upon many young up-and-coming lawyers the need to gain court experience as an advocate.

In your opinion, should younger lawyers specialise or keep a broad practice when starting out in their career?