Najib Hage-Chahine

Hage-Chahine Law Firm

Mohanna Building, 2nd Floor, Hazmieh – Gardenia, P.O. Box: 67
Beirut, Lebanon
Tel: +961 5 452 203 +961 5 452 298
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WWL says:

Najib Hage-Chahine is a highly distinguished litigator whose skillful work earns him widespread endorsements from market sources, who confirm that he provides “impressive and accurate legal analysis alongside high-quality service for clients”.


Najib Hage-Chahine is the managing partner of Hage-Chahine Law Firm. He is a professor at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut and Dubai, and at Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas in Paris. He is also the president of the Lebanese International Arbitration Center of the Beirut Bar Association. Named by Thomson Reuters ALB as one of MENA Super 50 Lawyers, Najib specialises in domestic and international disputes arising out of a contract, cross-border enforcement of arbitral awards and investor-state dispute settlements. He holds the title of Agrégé of the French Faculties of Law, a PHD in private law from Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, a LL.M. from Harvard Law School, a Master 2 in private law from Saint-Joseph University, a Master 2 in criminal law from Lyon 3-Jean Moulin University, a Master 1 in business law from Lyon 3-Jean Moulin University and a LLB in Lebanese Law from Saint-Joseph University. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration (FCIArb) and a member of several prominent international arbitration organisations.

What do you enjoy most about your role as litigator in international contract disputes?

The opportunity to work on complex and challenging cases that involve different legal systems and cultural contexts.

International contract disputes can also involve multiple parties, including clients, opposing counsel, and experts from different fields. This can be an exciting and rewarding experience, allowing for exposure to different cultures and legal systems.

You recently oversaw a restructuring of the firm to integrate new technologies into practice. What are these technologies and how have they enhanced practice so far?

Our firm has adopted some of the most advanced methods of delivery of legal services and strives to be one of the foremost innovative law firms in the region.

We take full advantage of the latest technologies to improve:

- Client communications by using client portals and intake forms.

- Processes and workflows through automation and standardization.

- Fees and billing by employing cutting-edge fee management software.

- Access to files and documents by leveraging digital cloud-based technology.

- Legal research through access to global and proprietary databases.

What skills are needed to successfully collaborate with lawyers, experts and authorities in different jurisdictions?

A broad range of skills is needed, including strong communication, cross-cultural competence, knowledge of international law, analytical and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and project management skills.

How have the litigation needs of clients changed the most in the last five years?

Over the past five years, the litigation needs of clients have been influenced by factors such as technology, globalisation, and changes in the legal landscape. These changes have led to an increased emphasis on cross-border disputes, alternative dispute resolution, cybersecurity, and regulatory scrutiny. Litigators must be able to effectively navigate these issues and provide guidance to clients on how to mitigate risks while representing them in a rapidly evolving legal environment. Additionally, clients are also becoming more cost-conscious and demanding greater value for legal services. This has led to an increased focus on efficiency, transparency, and delivering measurable results.

In what ways does the Hage-Chahine Law Firm distinguish itself from the competition in the market?

The firm is known for handling high-profile cases and solving complex legal issues by combining deep academic insights with superior practical efficiency.

As the only law firm in Lebanon with two attorneys who hold the prestigious title of Agrégé of the French Faculties of Law, we are able to successfully tackle the most complicated legal matters and provide innovative solutions in the absence of legal precedent.

Members of our team include graduates of Harvard Law School, Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas and Saint-Joseph University as well as law professors who teach at some of the most prestigious universities in Europe and in the Middle East.

In addition to our main offices in Beirut, the firm has established a physical presence in Paris (France) and in Dubai (UAE) to provide strategic advice to domestic and international clients across multiple jurisdictions.

What is the best piece of career advice you have received?

The best piece of career advice I received is to remain committed to continuous learning.

As we continue to grow the firm, it is important to constantly develop our legal knowledge, skills, and expertise. This includes staying up to date on changes in the law, regulations, and industry trends, as well as actively seeking out opportunities to expand our legal culture.

What would you like to achieve that you have not yet accomplished

My goal is to build a law firm that is recognised as a regional powerhouse, with a reputation for providing exceptional legal services to clients across the MENA Region. I believe that achieving this goal will require a focus on building strong relationships with clients, hiring the best legal talent, and investing in the latest technology and infrastructure to support our work.